It might be surprising how little some people know about their property. If you are about to start a new construction site or if you simply just moved onto a lot, you may want to consider having your property surveyed. Here are three good reasons for it.

Establish Boundary Lines

Did you know that homes have been built on the wrong lot because someone didn’t establish the property lines in advance? It might sound difficult to believe, but it’s the truth. This is why it’s crucial to have a property survey Pasco County FL contractors can stand by. Even if you aren’t about to do something as extreme as building on the wrong lot, it’s still important to know where your boundaries are. A lot of the time, someone simply assumes where their property lines begin and end. They don’t know the specifics of the boundaries and legally, this can lead to something messy.

Discover Right-of-Way and Easement

After you purchase a home, how much do you know about easement or right-of-way? Surveys reveal the conditions reflected in your title report. For instance, if your property blocks access to the main road, your neighbor may have the right to walk across your yard to use the street.

Note Underground Cables and Drains

While you can see any above ground wires and poles, you may not be aware of the underground cables or drains. The reason you need to be aware of these is that if you have cables underground, then that means that utility companies have a right to use a portion of your property when they are keeping up with the utility lines. In addition, these companies can dictate how tall your trees can grow.

When it comes to your property, whether you are embarking on a new build or simply moving into a new place, you need to know the ins and outs of your property. Not only will this help with future projects, but it will ensure that you know everything that you need to about the property.

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