4 Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney in the Spring or Summer

When spring arrives and long summer days begin, nothing is probably further from your mind than the maintenance of a fireplace chimney that you only use during the cold winter months. It is easy to forget the flue, liner, cap, crown, and mortar all need yearly attention to make sure they are in good working order and can stand up to a fire on one of those cold winter nights when you need that radiating heat the most. Here are a few of the many benefits of having your chimney cleaned in the spring or summer months.

No Surprises

Once the temperatures begin to drop, the last thing you need to find out is the liner needs to be replaced, or the creosote buildup is excessive. By scheduling a chimney cleaning in MD early in the year, you can be assured there will be no surprises that keep you from enjoying the fireplace heat on the coldest of winter nights.

Prolong Life

Harsh weather, excessive heat, and acidic creosote can all damage your chimney in ways you may not notice. However, miniature cracks can loosen bricks, flashings can warp or relax, and creosote can get wet and eat away at the lining. Animals may even use the unused chimney as a nesting area. A thorough yearly cleaning can add years to your chimney by correcting any of these issues.

Odor Elimination

Ash and creosote have a heavy, acidic smell that is often accepted in winter but may cause your nose to wrinkle once spring arrives. Remove the odors by scheduling a chimney scrubbing when you do the rest of your spring cleaning. This will keep the residual ash from blowing down the chimney and into your home.

Take advantage of the lull in chimney cleaning services in the early months of the year. You may even find you can get a discount for early maintenance, and saving money is always welcome.

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