Choosing the Right Roof Color for Your Homes Style

The right roof color can make or break your home’s style. The key to selecting the perfect shade is contrast: The ideal roof color should complement but contrast with your houses siding and brickwork.

Traditional and classic home styles pair well with neutral shingles that highlight their details. Natural tones like greens and browns complement farmhouses, Mediterranean designs, and rustic cottages.


Whether you have traditional ranch-style, farmhouse, or Mediterranean architecture, there are plenty of roof colors that look great with your homes style. Warm exterior schemes like yellows and reds are nicely complimented by neutral gray and tan shingles, while homes in cool climates tend to benefit from blues and greens that blend in with the surrounding evergreens or ocean.

Consider the color of your homes brick, stone, or other exterior elements when choosing a roof color. A bright shingle that doesn’t complement or contrast well with your walls can create an unintentional, clashing look.

Keep in mind that a trendier roof color might go out of style, so it’s important to choose a classic option that can stand the test of time. This will also help your home appeal to a wider range of potential buyers down the road. Ideally, the color of your shingle should also harmonize with your homes other exterior features, such as doors and trim.


In general, contemporary homes go for a sleek and sophisticated look. This can be enhanced with a roof color that complements or contrasts with the home’s other exterior elements, such as brick, wood siding, stucco, stone veneer, or masonry.

Warm exterior schemes, like yellow and reds, can work well with a range of roof colors, including neutral grays and tans. However, many homeowners prefer a more dramatic contrast by opting for a bold shade, such as blue or green.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, talk to a roofing contractor and consult images of houses in your area for ideas. Remember to keep in mind current trends as you make your decision, and consider how a particular roof color will hold up over time. It’s also a good idea to review any HOA rules that may apply. Choosing the right roof color can boost your homes curb appeal and improve its energy efficiency. So take the time to find a shade that suits your home’s style and personality!


Whether you have a Craftsman or Colonial, Cape Cod or Contemporary home, your architectural style will dictate the shingle color that will work best. Lighter siding colors like gray work well with most shingle color options, but you can also choose bolder hues to enhance certain architectural features.

For example, the roof on a historic manor house could feature a slate-like look that is reminiscent of its original construction. For homes with stone masonry or brick walls, you can highlight these features by choosing a shingle color that matches the material.

As you make your shingle color selection, think about how the shade will appear in natural lighting. Just as you would take paint samples home before committing to a color palette for your interior, it is important to test a few different shades on your roof and in the sunlight at various times of day. You might be surprised by how different a hue looks under the summer sun or on overcast winter days.


When a home is built or remodeled, the roof can make up to 40% of what people see and is one of the most important design choices. Choosing the right color roof can set the tone and affect how your house looks, what first impression is made and even impact the resale value of your property. Consult with your roofing contractors and look at photos of homes similar to yours for ideas before you make a final choice. Using a roofing visualizer to see how different shades will appear on your house is also helpful.

Often, homeowners in rural areas will choose a natural or earthy shade like green. Moss green and forest green are popular options and can provide a timeless elegance that complements many different architectural styles. Color coordination is key, as a recent survey sponsored by Owens Corning found that 91% of homeowners felt that a well-coordinated roof increased their home’s value.

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