How Often Should You Change Your Oil

One of the parts about owning a vehicle is the maintenance that comes along with it. Things such as buying new brakes and changing the oil are things that must be done on a scheduled basis to avoid much more costly repairs. Let’s go over just how often you should be changing the oil in your vehicle in order to make sure your engine runs as smoothly as possible.

Older Cars

Older vehicles operate under an oil change schedule. For example, changing your oil every 3k to 5k miles is a good rule of thumb for any vehicle. Some other good reasons to change your oil include:

  • If you make lots of short trips of 5 miles or less, you should change your oil more frequently
  • If you drive in cold, hot, or dusty climates
  • A lot of stop and go driving
  • If you haul heavy loads, such as an RV or tow other things often

The best way to know how often to change the oil in an older car is by looking at the owner’s manual. This manual will give a recommendation based on the vehicle you own.

New Cars

Most newer cars are equipped with an oil monitoring system that can automatically notify you when to change the oil. These systems don’t go off of mileage, but instead, analyze vehicle operating conditions and make the recommendation off of different sensors. This can help drivers to know when to change the oil as the dashboard will alert them and an oil change will need to happen in order to turn off the reminder.

Finding a good lubricant supplier VA is important as the type of oil you put into your car is important. 

Fully synthetic oil can help an engine to last longer, whereas an older vehicle may do better with a synthetic blend. Again, checking your owner’s manual and checking with the manufacturer of your vehicle is a great way to know what type of oil to put in your car.

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