How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

Even the most stylish sofa won’t do you any good if it doesn’t fit with your home or room’s overall aesthetic. So it is key that before searching showroom floors or visual walls on Pinterest for inspiration, you have an idea of exactly what it is you are after.


Size can have an enormous effect on both aesthetics and functionality of your sofa, so take care to take measurements that accurately represent your room dimensions. Take note of any doorways or internal furniture to make sure it can easily move throughout without creating obstructions in its path.

Experts advise selecting a sofa that measures roughly two-thirds the longest wall length for optimal seating without overwhelming your space. To visualize its proportions in the room, mark its footprint with painter’s tape or old newspaper before purchasing your potential new piece of furniture.

Examine your lifestyle and the habits of those who will use the sofa in order to determine how it will function most frequently. For instance, if your sofa will primarily serve as an instrument of lounging while watching television, opt for one with deep seat cushions and low seating height; conversely if hosting frequent cocktail parties and game nights is part of the plan, larger sofas with extra seating may be more appropriate.


Upholstery fabric plays an equally essential role in your sofa’s success. Reupholstering can be expensive, so selecting an ideal color and material before purchasing will ensure a positive living room experience.

Designer Ariel Okin advises taking an inventory of furniture, windows and fireplaces in your space to establish how much room you have available for a couch. She suggests selecting one two-thirds the length of your wall wall in order to accommodate chairs and other pieces of furniture.

Your sofa should either become the focal point of the room, or fit seamlessly with its decor. If you favor bright colors and patterns, choose an easy-care fabric like microfibre velvet, which hides spills and marks well, or choose one with a textured weave that conceals spills more effectively. For busy family homes with children in the home, darker fabrics might provide better wear-resistance.


Many shoppers start their sofa search by considering style and function alone; however, to quickly narrow your options down quickly it is wiser to grab a tape measure and study the architectural features of your room first. This helps avoid having your sofa block the flow of your space or cause an awkward walkway, and also ensures there’s enough space on either end (or both!) of it for coffee tables and side tables (if applicable).

Consider your lifestyle and the number of people you regularly seat when selecting a sofa size. For instance, if you entertain large groups frequently then a larger 3-seater may provide more seating comfort for everyone involved.

Kasler recommends selecting a sofa in neutral colors that can easily be accessorized with colorful pillows and throw blankets for an inviting space. A stylish ottoman doubled up as coffee table will also bring personality into any living area.


Your sofa is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make for your home and should serve as an anchoring force in every living room. But choosing an overly-large model could lead to negative repercussions by leaving no room for additional pieces, creating an incomplete overall design scheme.

Another key consideration when purchasing a sofa is how it will be used. If your primary use will be hosting guests, for instance, then a larger sofa with extra seating may be suitable. Loose seating or deep cushion designs provide more comfort and lounging options to promote relaxing gatherings.

Budget considerations will play a key role when selecting a sofa size, fabric type and style. Budget doesn’t have to limit creativity though – choosing and positioning an eye-catching sofa carefully can create an inviting living room space which will leave guests speechless!

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