Showcasing and Organizing Kitchen Essentials

Most of our daily lives revolve around our kitchens – from morning coffee runs to weekend get-togethers involving dinner and drinks – making the space as efficient as possible is key for everyday living. These simple yet stylish storage ideas for cabinets and pantries can make life at home simpler!

Showcase rolling pins, utensils and bakeware on tiered trays that look as beautiful as they are functional. Install drawer dividers to organize items such as icing tips and biscuit cutters together.


Kitchens are among the most ordered spaces in any home and it is essential that cabinets and drawers be maintained and organized with care. A few easy strategies can help ensure cookware and dishware can always be easily located when they’re needed and put away after use.

Start by taking stock of what you already have, discarding or donating anything that no longer serves a purpose, cleaning inside cabinet doors and drawers thoroughly, categorizing items based on usage frequency (i.e. baking tools with plates/bowls/pans etc), grouping together frequently used items so they’re easy to locate for meal prep – saving both time and effort in doing so!

Hanging rails and hooks make it easy to keep tools within easy reach, while installing lid holders prevent pots and pans from rolling around when closed, saving space on either a counter or shelf.


Since more people are turning to drawers for storage, keeping them tidy and organized is paramount for smooth-running kitchen operations. The ideal drawer organization tools range from basic dividers to specialty inserts designed to organize chopping boards, knife blocks, spice jars, or coffee pod refills.

Drawer dividers make finding what you need quickly and efficiently easier by organizing items by type. They’re also great for keeping frequently used items at the front, while lesser used gadgets take up space further back in your drawer space.

Keen cooks can display their most-used pots and pans on a rail with hooks for easy access, or display their favorite kitchen tools such as spatulas and spoons for quick retrieval. A rail with hooks also makes an excellent way to store paper napkins that collect in a pile on the counter, while clear bin pantry drawer organizers allow you to keep tabs on what’s inside!


Countertops are one of the most-used kitchen surfaces, so keeping it looking tidy is crucial. Studio Peake’s woven wood tray helps keep daily supplies within easy reach while off the countertop for an intentional appearance.

Storing dried foods on your countertop can be a hassle, so Joanna suggests decanting pantry items into clear glass storage jars for an appealing appearance and to extend food’s freshness. Labelling each jar with chalk or stickers makes tracking expiration dates easy while giving an overview of what you have on hand at any given time.

Locating prep tools like knives, spoons and cooking utensils near the stove / oven can also help eliminate countertops from becoming disorganized. Displaying pretty plates and bowls on open shelving adds visual interest while making your space feel more welcoming, like this serene white kitchen by Becca Interiors.


A pantry can be an efficient place to store everyday kitchen tools and supplies to free up kitchen surfaces for food preparation and cooking. A pantry can be designed with various shelving options; baskets, bins and flat containers make them easier for access. Select clear plastic options so you can quickly assess if supplies have run low.

A stackable food storage bin is an indispensable kitchen pantry essential, providing you with easy and clutter-free retrieval of granola bars, tuna pouches and drink packets. Choose a bin that complements the size and layout of your space as well as having large openings so items can be quickly and effortlessly located when needed.

Make it easier to locate baking ingredients, canned goods and other frequently-needed items by creating themed sections in your pantry. A rail with hooks allows you to hang essential tools such as spatulas and measuring cups so they’re always within reach – eliminating time spent searching.

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