3 Easy Curb Appeal Projects for Commercial Buildings

Looking to enhance the appearance of your small business? The way your commercial space looks is an important part of a customer’s overall experience, which is why you should periodically give the exterior a cosmetic update. Check out these three easy commercial curb appeal projects to transform the exterior of property, including your landscaping.

1. Trim Your Trees

If you have any trees on your property, keeping them maintained is crucial for your overall curb appeal. Trees that are overgrown detract from the appearance of your business, and it’s even worse when those trees are sickly or dead. Consult an expert tree removal service Parkville MD to help you decide which trees to take out and which trees to save. Since removing a tree the right way is a big job, it’s best to rely on a professional touch to get the job done.

2. Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting makes your commercial building – and the surrounding landscaping – look much more attractive. It also encourages customers that it’s safe to stop by your store after dark. When you install any outdoor lighting, make sure to choose fixtures that use LED bulbs. You’re able to direct the light better and the bulbs require much less energy to shine brightly.

3. Add Colorful Landscaping

Even if you only have a tiny slice of sidewalk in front of your commercial building, you can still add the beauty of landscaping to the space. Install wood planters near your entry door to give customers a warm welcome. Put a variety of plants in these boxes – it’s best to mix plants that of different heights to create extra visual interest.

Customers appreciate a well-maintained commercial space. By following the tips above, you can be sure that your business makes a great first impression on every customer every time they stop by.

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