Training For a Long Distance Race

You have started running and are preparing for your first long distance road race. Even though you may think you will be gone from your home and car for just a little while, here are a few things you should have to make your jog more pleasant.

Keep the Bugs Away

If you live in a climate where pests are plentiful you will want to keep a bottle of all natural tick and mosquito control on you to keep the bugs at bay. Spritzing yourself with bug spray can keep you from being bitten as you train.

Staying Hydrated

Keeping fluids in you as you run is vital for your health. You can carry a water bottle with you as you go but it can be bulky and hard to control. A running belt can keep it out of your hands and at your hip until you need it. Even better is a hydration pack you can strap to your back, giving your entire body ease of movement while providing you with necessary water.

Good Soles On Your Feet

Possibly the most important tool you need as you train are a good pair of shoes. If you plan to take long distance running seriously, you will want to make an appointment with a running store to get exactly what is best for you. The right pair of shoes will lead you far, be durable and take the stress off the rest of your body.

Watch Where You Are Going

A helpful accessory when you train for a long distance race with a race watch or an app that tracks your mileage. These watches tell more than just time. Some can monitor your course, check your heartbeat, and send your results to your computer so you can track your results. An app on your phone can do several of the same things but can also tell you where you are.

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