The Best Home Interior Design Apps

Whether you’re a design professional or just a home owner who likes to design their own interiors, there are plenty of home interior design apps available for you to use. You can find apps to create a floor plan, to design furniture and a whole lot more.


Whether you are looking for ideas for your home or just want to see what other people have done to their houses, the Houzz app can help you. This app offers a large library of images for interior and exterior design. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It is a great way to connect with professional designers and home improvement experts.

It’s easy to browse through photos on Houzz. You can filter by style, room, or location. You can also create your own personal project or ideabook, which is where you can save images, ideas, and products. You can also collaborate on projects with others.

Planner 5D

Whether you are a beginner looking to redesign your home, or a professional looking to showcase your skills to potential clients, Planner is a great tool to help. It has an intuitive interface and plenty of templates to choose from.

Planner is easy to use and lets you create beautiful photo realistic renderings of your designs. You can edit and tweak objects, such as furniture, colors, and materials. It also has an augmented reality feature, which allows you to see what your design will look like in real time. You can even share your design with other users.

Planner offers a free trial for both iOS and macOS. The free version includes basic design features, but you can upgrade to a premium version if you desire more. The premium version also offers custom decor and furniture, and more floor plans.


Whether you are a home interior design novice or a professional, Floorplanner is an excellent tool to help you create rooms. It allows you to plan, design, and furnish rooms in 3D. The software is easy to use, and includes a large library of furnishings and other items. It offers a number of features, including a user community.

The interface is easy to navigate and includes a main window for your project and a sidebar for your objects. You can also customize your objects’ size, distance from the floor, and rotation. The objects can also be viewed in 3D in the sidebar. You can also add electrical and gas connections.

IKEA Home Planner

Whether you’re looking to redesign your home, furnish it with new furniture, or just add a little flair, IKEA Home Planner is the perfect tool to help you create a beautiful interior. It’s easy to use and requires no special skills.

IKEA Home Planner offers two main features: one for interior design and the other for exterior design. Both features allow you to create a photo-realistic image of your home, both in day and nighttime views. You can also print out the design or save it as a PDF.

The interior design tool allows you to create walls and furniture in both two and three-dimensional views. You can choose from a variety of materials for exterior and interior walls, and you can also mix textures.

RoomScan Pro

Having a home interior design app is a great way to help you visualize your dream space. These apps can help you measure a room and put it together in virtual reality. These apps are also great for assessing paint color and picking out furniture.

RoomScan Pro is an interior design app that allows you to create floor plans, add walls, and rearrange furniture. It takes only a minute to generate a floor plan for an entire room. This app has been downloaded over 2 million times.

The app features three ways to create floor plans: by scanning, drawing, or manually measuring. The app works with a built-in iPhone software, and it’s a great way to determine a general layout of a room.


Using Amikasa, you can easily create a home interior design plan and see what your new design will look like in a 3D model. The app has several other features that are helpful for home designers.

Amikasa is available for both iPhone and iPad. You can design rooms, decorate with furniture, and take a virtual tour of your room. The app also lets you create floor plans of entire homes. In addition, you can download ready-made templates. The app’s aesthetically pleasing interface makes it easy to use.

Amikasa is one of the first apps to use augmented reality, and it can help you create a room in 3D. The app uses a virtual camera to “see” your room, and you can drag and drop furniture into the space. The app also lets you choose floor and wall colors, and rearrange items. You can also choose furniture from a catalog of items for sale.

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