Tips to Turn Your Dingy Basement into an Oasis

Unfinished basements are great for storage and tornado sheltering, but finishing your basement can add to your home’s value and increase its functionality. Whether your cellar needs a complete makeover or small homey updates, there are special considerations when remodeling an underground space. Some issues can be solved by homeowner ingenuity, and others, like basement waterproofing Parma, require professional help. 

Being Proactive

Leaky basements are a common problem, especially in older homes, but ignoring the issue can lead to mold and ruined furniture. Focus outside first to take important preventative steps. Make sure your downspouts and gutters are clean, so rain doesn’t spill over and run towards the house’s foundation. Open trenches can help with surface drainage, and French drains carry underground water away from the building. If foundation seepage is the problem, expert intervention might be necessary. 

Preparing the Space

If you live in an area where rain and groundwater are inevitable, indoor waterproofing is essential for a usable basement. First, air the cellar out and run a dehumidifier so you can start with as dry an area as possible. Next, prep the walls by sealing any cracks in the walls, then cover the cement with waterproofing paint. If your basement has leaked before, clean the area thoroughly to remove any lingering mildew before installing drywall or carpet.

Finishing Touches

When choosing materials for your basement, keep potential leaks in mind. Choose durable carpet to withstand small amounts of moisture. Use semi-gloss or glossy paint, which won’t be ruined by a little wetness. If you’re concerned water will still get in, install a leak detector to notify you as soon as issues occur and a sump pump to bail out water in case of flooding. 

Finishing an existing basement is more affordable than putting an addition on your house, but it still has a big impact. With mitigation and thoughtful design choices, you can transform your basement into a cozy extra space.

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