Creating a More Energy Efficient Home

There are many reasons to make energy efficiency a priority in your home. Big and small changes could have a huge impact on lowering your utility bills, reducing waste and caring for the environment. In addition, many of these improvements could help you qualify for tax deductions and rebates. Some modifications can also add value to your home while contributing to the longevity of its most expensive systems.

Replace Your Windows

According to recent research, old, leaky windows can be responsible for thirty percent of the energy lost in the average home. Choosing home window replacement irving tx can help drastically improve the situation by keeping warm or cold air where it belongs and reducing leaks and drafts. In addition, new windows can help update the look of your home inside and out.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Selecting Energy Star appliances for your home can make a huge difference in saving time, money, and electricity. While refrigerators and dishwashers are great options to consider for an upgrade, the most significant improvement may come from swapping your clothes washer and dryer. Energy efficient models use between forty and fifty percent less energy than their traditional predecessors, and require about forty percent less water. In addition, front loading models tend to use even less water than top loading washers.

Update Your HVAC System

Installing a programmable thermostat can help you be more proactive and intentional about how you heat and cool your home. Programming your system to adjust depending on the time of day and average occupancy of your home is an easy way to save wasted money and energy. In addition to updating your thermostat, it’s important to keep your HVAC system in top order by having it tuned up on a regular basis, usually at the start of summer and winter.

Making a difference doesn’t require a large investment like the ones listed above. While these upgrades can help make the biggest impact on your energy footprint, small changes like conserving water and swapping light bulbs can still lead to worthwhile improvements.

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