Signs You Need Professional Window Repair

The average modern window should last for 15 to 30 years. While you may run into some issues during your window’s lifespan, usually simple repairs can handle the problems.

Like most homeowners, though, you may wonder when it is time to call for house window repair San Francisco CA. Keep reading for some tell-tale signs; it is time to get in touch with the professionals for repairs.

Water Coming Through

Is there water coming through your windows? If so, it’s a sign it is time to call for glass window repair.

For example, when it starts raining, do you see drops of water coming into your home? If so, it is a clear sign you need repairs.

When water is in areas it should not be, it can begin to cause mold. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only issue that can occur. If the window has not been properly sealed, then cracks and other weaknesses may occur. This will happen to the window itself and to the walls around the window.

Foggy Windows

From time to time, if your windows get foggy, it’s normal. However, if they start to cloud up all the time, it may indicate a problem. If you have windows that are working properly, they should seal all outside drafts out.

However, if the windows are not operating properly, some outside air may make its way inside. This can cause your windows to get foggy because of the gaps that are present. In some situations, repairs will help, but in other cases, complete replacement is required.

Don’t Wait to Call for Window Repair

If you notice a problem with your windows, don’t wait to call for repairs. This will help ensure you don’t experience more significant issues, like the ones mentioned above. Also, with timely repairs, you can keep costs low. 

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