Reasons for Choosing a Freestanding Bath for Your home

Is there any other bathroom installation that says luxury more than a freestanding bath?  Freestanding baths have had a long lasting association with luxury and opulence, but the good news is that nowadays freestanding baths are within the budget of most people when it comes to remodelling a bathroom or designing a bathroom for a new home. So why should you choose a freestanding bathtub? Let’s find out.

Lots of Space – or little space

Traditionally, freestanding baths are portrayed as being placed in the centre of super huge bathroom with walk-around space on all sides – and while this may be the case for some people, it’s often not for many others. But contemporary freestanding baths come in a range of styles and sizes and even the smallest bathroom, with some careful planning, can be given the WOW! factor with a Freestanding Bath.

Sizes and styles

Freestanding baths come in a tremendously varied range of sizes and shapes; probably more so than any other style of bath. Choose from opulent slipper baths, pedestal and plinth-based tubs as well as the traditional claw foot freestanding bath. As for sizes – you can choose regular, extra long, double-ended (ideal for two people) and super deep baths to accommodate any size of person, and also to fit in any size of bathroom. You really are spoilt for choice.


You also have a range of superb tapware and styles to select from, including floor-mounted taps and bathside-mounted taps in a range of materials such as stainless steel, copper, and chrome, among others. You’ll be sure to find a design to complement your bathroom décor and style of freestanding bath.

Other factors to consider

Before you rush to order your freestanding bath, there are a couple of other things to consider carefully in order to ensure that you get the right bath for your needs and bathroom.

  • How do you choose the right bath? If you can, try it out. Visit the store and actually sit in the bathtub – it’s the best way to see how it feels and make sure it’s a comfortable fit.
  • Plumbing requirements: This will vary greatly depending on the position of your freestanding bathtub and existing plumbing fixtures in your home. You should consult a bathroom expert or plumber in order to ensure that any freestanding bath you consider will be compatible with your current plumbing installations – or be clear about any modifications which will be required (and the cost) in order to accommodate the bath you are considering.

Your investment in a freestanding bath is one which you’ll enjoy for many years to come and will allow you to enjoy a fantastic touch of luxury whenever you bathe.

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