Bathroom Hardware – The Finishing Touch

Bathroom hardware comprises the knobs and handles necessary to give any room its final touches, as well as shelves, hooks and holders for towels and toilet paper.

Most interior designers advise using hardware with similar finishes throughout a room to ensure a uniformed aesthetic, although you could always experiment with mixing finishes and textures for a truly distinctive design statement.Stainless steel bathroom hardware is durable and corrosion resistant, making it easy to keep clean while adding a sleek aesthetic to your space.Cabinet HardwareCabinet hardware adds the perfect finishing touches to make any space feel intentional and purposeful. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or designing a brand-new kitchen, switching door and drawer pulls can give your cabinets a facelift at minimal expense.West elm offers an expansive collection of cabinet hardware specializing in midcentury modern and contemporary styles, as well as classic, rustic and industrial options.Materials you select for cabinet hardware selection is key to its long-term and durable use. Solid brass is an increasingly popular choice due to its antimicrobial properties, ability to resist corrosion and durability; additionally it looks great against warm tones like faucets, lighting fixtures or tables.Towel BarsTowel bars provide the ideal way to keep towels organized, folded neatly or hanging on hooks ready to grab quickly and conveniently. These fixtures should be placed along the longest wall in your bathroom and pair nicely with robe hooks or both to form a personalized towel station.Popular options for towel bars include double and single bar racks that offer multiple hanging possibilities, providing your bathroom with additional storage without making it seem cluttered or busy.Swivel towel racks with flexible arms that rotate can also help prevent towels from touching each other when not in use. This style works especially well in bathrooms that feature industrial or rustic decor and pairs well with natural wood or jute pieces.Exposed StorageBathroom storage pieces like towel bars and toilet paper holders serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose in any space, providing essential storage solutions while adding visual interest. You can achieve an uniform aesthetic when matching materials that span different design styles within one bathroom space.Brass bathroom hardware works beautifully in many bathrooms, particularly oil-rubbed finishes that give a room an aged, lived-in aesthetic. Here, brass cabinet pulls coordinate with brass tapware and bronze vanity to form an integrated look for this space.Black bathroom hardware can create subtle contrasts while simultaneously offering a luxurious feel, making it a popular choice in beach-inspired bathrooms as it pairs well with natural wood and rattan elements.Plumbing HardwarePlumbing hardware encompasses an assortment of components designed to ensure your home has a functional water supply and drainage system, such as faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets. Valves regulate flow pressure temperature in plumbing systems while fittings enable pipes to change direction or branch off while plugs close off any openings during inspection or repairs.A T-shaped plumbing fitting known as a Tee or Union provides easy plumbing connectivity between its three outlets and inlet. Both types can connect without tools to form joints in multiple sizes.Drains are pipes that carry waste from fixtures or surfaces into waste vents or soil pipes for disposal, typically through traps at each fixture drain that prevent sewer gases from invading the home and creating unpleasant odors.Toilet Paper HoldersToilet paper holders add convenience to any bathroom space. Available both wall-mounted and freestanding styles, choose sleek metal holders to complement contemporary aesthetics or rustic versions like wood or straw ones for rustic bathrooms.When choosing a wall-mounted holder, make sure it comes equipped with mounting hardware compatible with your current drywall. Follow the directions on the package to mark where holes need to be drilled; use a stud finder to locate an ideal place for brackets.Consider this innovative tic tac toe toilet paper holder as an alternative. Suitable for holding standard or jumbo rolls, its center bar pivots to keep it from coming loose while being eco-friendly with bamboo construction providing an eco-friendly option over other materials.

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