Small Bathroom Storage Hacks for Tight Spaces

If your floating vanity lacks sufficient storage, try adding an under-vanity cabinet. A repurposed china cabinet makes an excellent place for extra bath products while a towel rack stores beautiful linens.

A magnetic knife rack may seem out-of-place in a bathroom, but it can help keep bobby pins and nail clippers off of countertops while protecting against damp towel rusting. Dream Green DIY also suggests this simple solution as an efficient way to store large blow dryers and flat irons.

1. Floating Shelves

A floating shelf adds both beauty and functionality to a bathroom. Be sure to secure its brackets to wall studs (rather than just drywall), otherwise they could slowly come loose from their mount.

A narrow china cabinet makes an excellent addition to a small bathroom and can serve as a place to store towels, baskets and more. Add dividers for smaller items like boxes of Q-Tips or tubes of toothpaste.

Switch up an unoccupied spot on your bathroom door into an accessible storage spot for folded bath mats and beautiful decor items.

2. Mason Jar Organizers

Mason jars make stylish storage solutions, whether for organizing bathroom essentials or crafting materials. Take this DIY toothpick dispenser from Eclectic Recipes as an example: it adds character and functionality while fitting beautifully in any medicine cabinet!

Create an easy-access drawer system using dividers to organize hair ties, clips and brushes for easier retrieval. Use salvaged barn wood and attaching jars using plumbing brackets for an ideal bathroom organizer solution.

3. Magnetic Knife Rack

This wall-mounted magnetic knife rack is an easy and quick DIY project perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Constructed using rare-earth magnets, its powerful magnetism holds even heavy knives such as cleavers.

It also features slots for other tools, like scissors or spare paperclips, making it simple and space-efficient on any countertop.

An alternative to knife blocks that frees up drawer space while being cost-effective and hygienic allows you to organize your knives as desired.

4. Hanging Wire File Box

Small bathrooms often present unique organizational challenges. By finding storage solutions to maximize space while keeping items easily accessible yet discretely hidden away, small bathroom owners can avoid creating an overcrowded appearance and the associated clutter.

Make the most of vertical space above your sink by installing a wall-mounted rack or storage unit that offers ample room for hand towels and washcloths. A wire mesh design makes it easy to keep tabs on what’s inside while still pairing seamlessly with various decor styles.

5. Shallow Closet

A shallow closet from The Creativity Exchange provides the perfect place to store towels and toiletries without cluttering an already overstuffed bathroom. Drawer dividers keep deep drawers from becoming graveyards for outdated products or expired sunscreen.

Floating vanities offer a sleek aesthetic but can often lack sufficient storage space. By adding a narrow shelving unit beneath a wall-mount sink, extra space for lotions, toiletries and supplies can be created.

6. Drawer Dividers

Organising small spaces can be challenging, yet providing an opportunity to add smart storage solutions. Consider furniture that serves multiple functions at the same time; such as a narrow storage ladder that holds towels while adding rustic charm.

Make life easy for yourself and find what you need quickly by investing in drawer dividers to organize and store essentials easily in your medicine cabinet. Reusing multi-compartment utensil trays as inexpensive yet creative storage solutions may also work.

7. Niche with Open Shelving

Hair dryers, curling irons and hot tools don’t belong on the countertops of small bathrooms – instead store them away in a cabinet equipped with drawer organizers to keep everything organized and easy to access.

Hang your shelves slightly higher than eye level, advises Lifford. That way, you can store cleaning supplies and materials in visually appealing bins without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Repurpose an old crate or milk jug as a vanity shelf to give your small bathroom an on-trend and stylish storage solution that’s both accessible and fashionable. Fill the jars with cotton balls, Q-tips and other supplies easily accessible for convenient organization.

9. Toothbrush Holder

Add style and storage with this bamboo drawer organizer that features both style and storage capacity. Suitable for housing a range of brushes hygienically dry while being shatter-resistant plastic makes for easy clean-up, this model makes sure sink counters remain clutter free.

Repurpose a dresser or armoire with narrow drawers as bathroom storage for extra linens such as towels and washcloths. Fill each of its compartments with neatly-rolled washcloths or wicker baskets for an aesthetically pleasing appearance in a small bathroom space.

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