3 Things To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

Choosing the right window treatments for your spaces can improve your sleep, save money on energy bills and even boost your mood. To get the best results, you will want to consider your current treatments first. Once you have a list of what does and does not work right now, you can narrow down your options to the best fit.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability of your window treatments will affect how long they last, how often you need to clean them and even which products to use. For instance, wood blinds are one of the most durable options, but they need to be cleaned with a dry cloth instead of a wet one. You can find information on each material’s maintenance needs and durability by searching online for custom window treatments near me, as well as get tips on how to measure your windows or install blinds.

Privacy and Fit

An important part of controlling how much privacy and lighting a room gets is how the blinds or shade fits. The more precise the fit, the more you can block out window glare on movie night or the view of a busy street outside. You can find treatments with easy open and close systems to control how much light comes in and add folding shutters which can be closed for more privacy and better sleep.

Style and Mood

Your personal decorating style and how you want your space to influence your mood are also good considerations when choosing window treatments. Bulky curtains can make a room feel small, but slim and earth toned blinds can feel cozy. If you feel anxious in crowded spaces, then opting for blinds over curtains can relax the mood; and, if you crave visual stimulation, then bright colors and contrasting patterns can lift you up.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing window treatments, but the first should be how your current treatments rate. You can then consult with a custom window treatment company to find better solutions which fit your style, your window size and your schedule.

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