Everything you need to Know about the Tools in a Locksmiths Arsenal

A locksmith works with locks on windows, cars, safes, and doors among others. Their work involves installing, repairing or adjusting locks in everything including vehicles, office buildings and homes. In carrying out their role, locksmith usually uses different tools.

Roles of a Locksmith

A locksmith is tasked to perform a number of roles. Their roles include installing, adjusting and repairing locks in homes, commercial locksmithing and automotive locks. They change a combination of locks, duplicate and fabricate locking keys as well as bypassing locks when authorized.

Types of Tools and Equipment Used by Locksmith

The Scope

A scope is a vital tool used in handling tiny parts and tightening spaces. Using a scope helps in making right any small adjustments made. Most scopes have LED lights which assist in providing light in areas with less light during adjustments.

Installation Templates

Installation templates are used when installing a new lock system. When drilling lock holes, the tool is essential since it ensures that the holes are done right and allows no room for guesswork. Moreover, the tool ensures that the work of the locksmith is accurately done and reduces the eventual damage on the client’s property.

Lock Pick Guns

The tool helps in picking locks which could be done manually. Manual lock picking can take a longer time even for experienced professionals. Therefore, the aspect of time-saving is the main reason why professional locksmiths always use the tool.

Key Extractor

The purpose of the tool is to extract any key pieces or other foreign objects which get stuck in the lock’s key slot. The tool allows for more work to be done on broken hardware.

Tension Wrenches

The tool is essential in lock picking. Although a locksmith can pick locks without the device, it may be difficult hence taking more time. A tension wrench helps in stopping any unwanted movement of special plugs while applying force.

Skills and Experience Required to Be a Locksmith

To be a locksmith, one should have an interest and a good understanding of security systems, keys and locks. Practical thinking and ability to use a wide range of speciality tools is vital in this profession. Further, you must market and run your business while demonstrating good customer service skills. Moreover, experience in electrical and carpentry is vital to qualify as a locksmith.

Other services offered by locksmith

Apart from installing, repairing and replacing locks, locksmiths offer additional services. Professional locksmiths provide safe services including installing, opening and supplying of safes. Besides, they replace and repair UPVC windows on properties and automobiles.

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