If you’ve purchased a home that needs a little bit of love, this is both exciting and worrisome. Having a blank slate to work with can be fun, but cost and time are factors to consider too. When your house needs some TLC, where should you start in order to make the biggest impact?


Starting from the bottom and working your way up is a practical way to tackle a home that needs a lot of updating. Changing a home’s flooring can make a dramatic impact on its overall feel.

  • If all your flooring needs to be replaced, consider a hardwood like Provenza Heirloom. There is a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you like. Hardwood ages well and looks classy for years to come.
  • Carpet can harbor nasty germs, especially in an older home. Tear out and replace any carpet that is looking worse for the wear. If you have newer carpet, give it a good cleaning to eliminate whatever the seller left behind.

Paint and Cleaning

It’s hard to feel at home when your house always feels dirty. Roll up your sleeves and get to work sprucing the place up.

  • Give every surface a good scrub-down. Every surface, including walls and kitchen cabinets. Grease and dirt build up in nooks and crannies, and a good washing can make otherwise grimy areas shine again.
  • A fresh coat of paint makes a gigantic difference. Once the walls are clean, tape off all trim and give them a nice bright pick-me-up. Start with rooms that you spend a lot of time in to make your space feel better.

Deep cleaning the home and making changes as your budget and time allows can transform it in no time. It’s not always big changes that make the biggest difference in putting a house together.

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