The Most Common Water Heater Issues That Could Happen In Your Household

We have to state that the water heater is one of the most critical appliances inside your home and you should not take it for granted. Of course, you will not need when you are on vacation or outside your home, but apart from those moments, you will need its operation every single day.

At the same time, similarly to other home appliances, problems can happen along the way. You should understand that water heaters are simple products when it comes to installation and their process of heating.

Since it has a low number of components, every part of it is crucial,and you will not be able to get a thorough efficiency in case some of them are faulty. Before checking the company that will help you fix a water heater in Houston, you should learn how to inspect the problem.

  1. Water Leaking From The Top

In case you believe that you have a leaking problem on the top of your water heater, we can differentiate numerous reasons why would that happen in the first place.

For instance, in case that hot outlet and cold inlet pipes are loose, you will experience this particular problem. Check out the inlet valve and T&P valve as well, so that you can see whether there is a leakage somewhere.

It is vital to call for professional help if you notice some problem.

2. Water Leakage From The Bottom

On the other hand, if you have problems with bottom leaking on your water heater, that happens due to condensation. However, you should also check out the heating element gasket as well as other parts of your boiler.

Since the normal condensation is affecting heating gasket, the small amount of water will go through an overflowpipe, which will release the pressure from the valve inside the tank and cause leakage.

In some cases, you will be able to repair it, but if the problem continues, the best thing that you can do is to replace your old water heater.

You should check here to learn more on water heaters in overall.

3. Lack Of Hot Water

Two most important elements within the boiler tend to help you heat the water. His most common reason why you experience lack of hot water is due to a tripped circuit breaker. Therefore, you should check out the breaker box to see whether everything is on the place or not.

If that is not a problem, it means that heating elements inside the boiler have failed and you have to replace them. It can also be a problem with reset/limit switch on the thermostat, but that is not common as a faulty heating element.

In case that thermostat is faulty, you should replace the entire heater instead of paying the expensive price tag for repairs.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough hot water for your requirements, that could happen due to thermostat issues. Sometimes, you can fix it by adjusting the wanted temperature on your thermostat so that you can create a new capacity and heating level.

If you have an electric model, the thermostat is behind an access panel behind the layer of insulation on the side of the storage tank. When compared with gas models, the electronicthermostat has factory settings,and they are not changeable unless you need to do it.

If you live in areas with freezing winters, you should slightly raise the thermostat temperature because that way you will be able to heat the water quicker than before. In cold regions, the water will cool down quickly and travel through cold pipes that will affect its overall temperature.

Other possible reasons for not having enough hot water is due to loose wiring, or just, you have a small tank that cannot provide you the capacity you require on a daily basis.

4. Too Hot Water

This is another thermostat problem most commonly, and you should check out whether the temperature is too high or not. By gaining access to the thermostat, you will be able to adjust it based on your requirements. You will also need it when transitioning from warm to hot seasons.

If you cannot lower the temperature, you should replace the entire thermostat by calling professional help.

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