When you decide to upgrade the outdoor areas of your home, think beyond only curb appeal. Consider how you want to use those outdoor areas and how each upgrade will affect your home’s value.

Build a Deck

Adding a deck to the front or back of your home increases the living space. In the front, it can also dramatically change your home’s look and add to the curb appeal. In the back, it can be as small as a landing spot or as large as a multiple area entertaining space. Whatever you decide, make sure you use quality materials to create your decks Greater St Louis Area.

Replace Your Front Door

The entrance says a lot about the home created behind it. Changing the front door can be an instant update to the entire entryway. Consider color, windows, style, and hardware when looking at which door to use.

Refresh Your Landscape

Landscaping can make a big difference in how you view and use your house. Consider replacing the lawn if it has been neglected too long to revive it. Also, think about mulching planting areas. Plants are also a good way to add color and dimension to your landscape. 

Install a Sprinkler System

Timing sprinklers and dealing with multiple hoses is challenging. Installing a sprinkler system not only helps to ensure that you are not over or under watering, it gives you extra time in your life and takes the stress off you.

Change Your Garage Doors

You may think that garage doors do not matter, but just think about how much they are a part of the front of your house. By changing them, or even adding decorative hardware, you can dramatically change the way your house looks. 

Whatever upgrades you decide to do, choose your materials and projects wisely. If you do them right, you will add value and style to your home.

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