Few spaces in your home can be as relaxing as the backyard. These three key steps can transform your outdoor space into a place you can’t wait to enjoy. Think about your goals for the space, then dive in!

Choose Your Focal Points

For the focal points of your backyard, select key features that showcase your style and personality. You can build the rest of the space around these features. Consider both form and function with out-of-the-box options like a metal sphere fire pit or a bright barbeque in an unexpected color. If you enjoy entertaining, plan for both family and friends to have places to sit. If you’re short on square footage, consider container gardening. When choosing focal points, remember that these are the features people will gather around.

Fill in the Details

Once you have chosen your focal pieces, consider the details. Keeping your goals in mind, choose options that complement the features that anchor the space. You might use pavers to create a base for that new metal sphere fire pit, build pathways, or make your own planters. Bring wildlife to your container garden with a bird bath or feeder or relax to the sound of your own fountain. Readers would appreciate a hammock to curl up in with a good book.

Bring It All Together

As your backyard space comes together, you can find the common thread. Textiles can help carry your favorite accent color throughout your backyard and make even outdoor furniture comfortable. If art lights your fire, bring in kinetic sculptures or handmade details to the space. The right lighting brings the right mood when the sun goes down on your outdoor oasis.

Whether you gather around a fireball or a grill, a garden or an arbor, finding your backyard aesthetic is all about the focal points you choose. Unusual features and artistic elements combine for a space both calm and vibrant, and all you.

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