If you’re taking forever to get ready each day because you can never find what you’re looking for in your closet, it’s time to reorganize. These tips will help you organize your closet in no time.


Adding some closetmaid wire shelving systems is a great way to increase storage in your closet and make it easier to keep things organized. You can use shelves to store shoes, folded clothes, accessories or anything else you keep stashed away in your closet.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags allow you to place items in a bag and extract all of the excess air, compressing the contents and making them easy to store. They can be used to hold extra bedding sets, out-of-season clothing and more. When it’s time to use the contents again, you just open the bag and allow the air to flow back in.


Drawers are perfect for organizing clothing that you don’t hang up, such as socks or pajamas. You can buy closet organizers with drawers, use freestanding cloth or plastic drawers or build your own closet drawers.

Slim Hangers

You’d be surprised how much space your hangers take up in your closet. Switching to slim hangers can free up a lot of extra space, making it easier to hang all of your clothes. If you don’t want garments sliding off the hangers, you can opt for some with that are coated in velvet or have no-slip plastic strips.

Organize Your Clothes

Having a system for how your organize your clothes when hanging them up will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for. You can organize them by color, type of garment, occasion or any other system that works for you.

A messy closet should never slow you down when you’re trying to get ready. These tips will help you get everything in order, so that you can always find whatever you’re looking for in a hurry. 

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