How to Use Patterns and Patterns in Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom will feel cozy when you add a decorative nook. From window seats and comfortable chairs at the foot of the bed to window seats and reading areas, create your personal reading nook that makes you feel at home in your space.

Use a soft shade of paint on the trim to draw attention to a tray ceiling or set of windows, such as light peach hue. It conjures images of sandy beaches and long walks while reading.

Focal Points

Focal points give rooms direction and complete their narrative, often by drawing attention to specific items within a space like fireplaces, large windows or art pieces. While many associate this term with physical elements like fireplaces or eye-catching art pieces as focal points, other creative methods to draw the eye can include wall decor, lighting fixtures or tray ceilings – even furniture placement is capable of becoming focal points!

Make the bedroom stand out with beautiful bedding and pillows in neutral tones for an instant focal point. If your room lacks an eye-catching headboard or large window, try utilizing an eye-catching wall color as an accent that draws people in.

Sometimes the space you’re working with offers natural focal points such as an existing fireplace or picture window with a view. Leverage these features by dressing them up with colorful curtains, frames photos or artworks hung nearby; take note to avoid creating competing focal points like placing TV over fireplace or multiple artworks on one wall as this can quickly create visual clutter and leave viewers disoriented.

Patterned Surfaces

Patterns add texture and interest to bedroom wall decor, adding both texture and visual interest. While overusing patterns may become tacky, when applied sparingly and with similar colors they can create an eye-catching focal point – as seen here with Richard Beard’s bedroom designed by using different stripes on blankets, rugs, and even an upholstered headboard all combining seamlessly for an eye-catching focal point.

If your bedroom lacks storage but boasts extra wall space, consider installing built-ins like those shown here. Built-ins offer ample space to showcase books, vases, artwork or anything else that brings life and joy into any room.

As Collected Interiors did here with flags and banners framed with wooden frames, you can add some flair by hanging wall art directly above your bed. Bold chevron stripes on flags and pillows complimenting buttercream and baby blue colors are an easy and chic way to show your patriotism while the simple wooden frames add rustic charm that still looks modern.

Patterned Bedding

Patterns add visual interest to bedroom decor ideas. But too much pattern may become visually overwhelming without proper control or coordination between patterns’ colors and scaled-back sizes. To prevent this from happening, stick with a color scheme, use smaller prints, and position them strategically around your bed – as shown by designer Marco Ricca Studio who used floral print draperies and linens that complement each other perfectly in this vibrant bedroom design.

If you enjoy patterned bedding but don’t want to commit to an entire set, consider creating a fabric wallhanging instead. Simply stretch a length of matching or contrasting color across the width of your headboard and use wooden batons as weights at its base and supports at its top to hang it from.

Decorating with plants is an easy way to bring life and freshness into any bedroom, from living ones that improve air quality, to faux ones with low maintenance needs and versatile adaptability that allows seasonal changes without disrupting decor. Plus, plants make wonderful room decoration pieces as their shape easily allows for changing surroundings!

Mismatched Throw Pillows

Synchronism and equilibrium play an integral part in any room’s design, but if you prefer an informal and more laid back aesthetic in your bedroom then an asymmetrical arrangement might be just the thing to achieve it. Be wary when selecting pillow amounts as selecting too many might result in a chaotic visual display.

Add an air of energy and charm to your bedroom decor with patterned pillows! They add vibrancy and life, but it is key that their scale, colors and designs don’t compete for attention from viewers.

Don’t forget to regularly fluff and shake your throw pillows to keep them from becoming lumpy and droopy, ensuring they look brand new for longer. Want a hand with styling your pillows yourself? Book a complimentary styling appointment with one of the Havenly designers; they’ll develop a customized strategy designed to transform your space and make it an inviting space to relax in and unwind in.

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