Tips for Improving Your Koi Pond

Raising koi fish is both interesting and profitable. If you want your koi to mature into their best selves, you’ve got to give them the best home possible. They need a little more than just some water to swim in.

Plant Life

It’s important to include plant life in and around your pond for many reasons. Greenery is a natural source of oxygen and gives your fish nooks and crannies to feel safe. Shore plants can provide shade which helps to regulate water temperature; this is especially helpful during summer months. They also make your pond look nice! In order to make appropriate selections and be sure they don’t get out of control, find a reliable aquatic weed control service.

Water Quality

Plant life does play a role in water quality, but there are a few more factors to bear in mind if you want fish-friendly water. First things first, find yourself an at-home kit for testing the water chemistry. Things like pH, nitrates and ammonia are all measures to keep an eye on to ensure your fish will do well. If you find that a particular element is at an unsafe level, then you can take steps to correct it before something bad happens.

Quarantine Area

If you are raising koi for profit, you will need a method of easily separating and catching them. Nets and tanks are the go-to, but if you are still in the design process it would be a good idea to create a separate, smaller pond area connected to the main section in the schematics. You could include a removable barrier for when you wish to keep this area separate.

Happy and healthy koi can fetch you a pretty penny if you know what you are doing. Set yourself up for success by giving your koi a pampered early-life. Now, go make a splash in the fish market!

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