You may hear the term “gear pump” and draw a blank. Even if you are an avid fan of home improvement or work in the construction industry, you may not understand what you would need this type of device for either as a professional or as a consumer. Gear pumps are everywhere, and most people rely on them daily. Take a look at some of the common uses for gear pumps.

The Basic Function of a Gear Pump

In the 17th Century, the first gear pump appeared. It was made to transfer liquid through a system of gears to get it from one element to another. It uses displacement to move the fluid. It was first used in hydraulic systems that needed help moving water. 

The Most Widely-Used Application: Engines

The car you drive today would not function properly without an internal gear pump. How else would the oil and gas get to where they need to be? The viscosity of the oil is far thicker than water, and therefore it requires a particular type of pump to get it through over and over without fail, such as the liquiflo mag drive gear pump. The next time you start up your engine, thank a gear pump.

Other Common Uses

Since the gear pump uses displacement to get liquid moving around, think about a boat engine. Gear pumps are on the inside pushing that water out of the way making the boat run. In areas where flooding occurs, machines consisting of gear pumps, like sump pumps use gear pumps to get the water out of flooded homes. Construction vehicles like forklifts also use hydraulic gear pumps to work. 

Imagine what life might be like without a car, or if you work construction, without a forklift. The gear pump, therefore, is an essential part of making life more manageable.

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