Choosing a Water Heater for Your New Home

When you’re building a home from scratch, there are so many decisions to make. One of these is the type of water heater to install. The choice of fuel for your water heater is probably dictated by the sources of energy used by other mechanical components of your home, but there are still options beyond that. Here are some things to consider when choosing a water heater.

Tankless vs. Tank

It’s true that tankless water heaters Pleasanton CA are more expensive to install up front, typically. In the case of new construction, though, the space can be optimally designed to work with a tankless heater. Advantages of a tankless water heater include a continuous supply of hot water. With a regular tank water heater, you will run out of hot water when you’ve used the amount that the tank can hold. It takes some time to heat more water for the next batch of showers or dishes. A tankless water heater continues to supply hot water on demand. Another benefit is that catastrophic leaking is almost impossible since there isn’t a tank to spring a leak.

Tank Size

If you’re choosing a traditional water heater, you’ll need to decide what size your family needs. In general, water heater sizing recommendations are based on the number of people who live in the house. A family of four, for example, would choose a water heater capacity of about 40 gallons.

Energy Efficiency

Since you can expect your standard water heater to last roughly 10 years, and a tankless water heater to be around for closer to 20 years, it makes sense to pay attention to energy efficiency now. Buying the most efficient water heater you can afford will save you energy costs for years to come.

When you’re considering water heaters for your new home, there are only a few key factors to keep in mind. Once you’ve reviewed them, you can check this task off your home construction checklist.

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