4 Commonly Neglected Home Maintenance Tasks

As a homeowner, you have a lot to do. In fact, your home maintenance tasks might take up a good share of your weekends. Yet there may be a few things you’re overlooking, and neglecting these for too long might lead to trouble down the road. Read on to learn about them.

Take Care of Your Dryer

Perhaps you are forgetting to take proper care of your dryer. Clean the lint trap after every load to avoid a buildup of dust and fabric. Your machine will run more efficiently. Also, don’t neglect to periodically clean out your dryer vent. You’ll want to do this every six months or so to avoid blockages, overheating and strange smells.

Change Filters

You should also remember to change the filters in your heating and cooling system. Dirty, clogged filters can block airflow and put a strain on the system’s motor. Check your filters once a month, and replace them if no light shines through when you hold them up to a window or other light source. If you have a cleanable filter, wash it regularly with soap and water.

Check Your Sewer and Septic System

You might not think about your sewer and septic system too often, especially when all seems to be working well. But drain and sewer lines can easily clog, and your septic system can get overburdened. Call in a plumber to check your lines, or schedule septic tank maintenance Orlando FL once a year or so to keep everything moving smoothly.

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Finally, don’t forget to clean your refrigerator coils. Dust, hair and debris can build up and create an insulating layer that limits your refrigerator’s ability to get rid of warm air. The machine has to work harder to cool your food. You can carefully vacuum around your coils and use a soft brush to get rid of any residue.

Indeed, keeping up on the little maintenance chores around your home will make your appliances work better longer.

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