What to Do With Your Home Oil Tank When You’re All Done With It

Many houses in the northern United States have in-ground oil tanks. The containers store fuel, which is used to heat the structures throughout the harsh winter months. However, over time, these units can deteriorate or become damaged. When such things happen, homeowners must then decide whether to replace the tanks or do away with them altogether.

If you need such solutions, you’ll need to find a reputable company that offers oil tank services. These organizations and techs are licensed and insured. Plus, they have the tools, training, and experience to replace/eliminate your container without contaminating nearby groundwater or soil. Aside from new installs and tank replacements, these businesses often provide the following services.

Oil Tank Abandonment

For those that no longer wish to use these containers to hold fuel, oil tank abandonment Westchester County NY could be the perfect fit. This is the process of leaving the vessel where it is, removing residue/sludge, and filling the inside of the tank with foam, sand, or concrete. Consumers choose to go this route for many reasons. However, more often than not, people select abandonment because their tanks are located in places that would make removal difficult, like:

  • Beneath patios
  • Under decks
  • Below houses

Oil Tank Removal

Speaking of removing an oil tank, though, that is an alternative to abandonment. There is much more to the situation than merely digging up the unit. For example, the company in charge of the extraction may need to pull a permit and get their work inspected. Also, they’ll need to take other components out of the ground, such as the fill and vent line. Oil tank removal can be suitable for lots of reasons, but you should definitely consider it if you’re planning on selling your property in the future. Some buyers won’t be into having an oil tank underground, and they might not make offers because of the liability.

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