Water is a very precious resource. You likely enjoy drinking a cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Water can cool you down when you’re hot, and tastes refreshing. Even in the winter months, water is still important. Water is also used for more things than just drinking. You use water to take a shower, brush your teeth, clean, flush the toilet, wash clothes, and wash dishes. 

Water is very important in your life. If you didn’t know, there are such things as water wells. If you need help with a water well, using water well El Campo can help you. Keep reading to learn about the different types of water wells. 

Drilled Wells 

One type of water well is called a drilled well. These types of wells go deep into the ground. This type of well could even go down thousands of feet! However, they do need casing as part of the installation process. A benefit of this type of well is that fact that contamination isn’t too much of an issue to worry about. This is because of how far they go down in the ground, and because of the casing used for the well. 

Driven Wells 

Another type of water well is called a driven well. This type of well is built by putting a pipe through the ground. These types of wells are also shallow and cased. A drilled water well pulls in water from aquifers. However, because they pull water from the aquifer, a driven well can be contaminated more easily. 

Dug Wells 

The third type of well is called a dug well. It can also be called a bored well too. These types of wells are literally holes in the ground. They are dug by using a shovel or even a backhoe. They are cased too. These types of wells are cased with materials, such as brick or tile. This process is done so there won’t be a collapse. A dug well is shallow. A dug well also has a large diameter. 

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