Why You Should Do Your Landscaping Chores in the Fall

One of the best ways to boost your home’s curb appeal and value is to improve your landscaping. Lush and stylish foliage will make your home look more attractive and help you enjoy living in it. However, a lot of people don’t know when they should work in their yard. Here are a few reasons why you should tackle your landscaping chores in the fall. 

Plants Love Mild Conditions

You’re probably going to feel very comfortable outside in the mild temperatures of fall, and your plants will grow too. When it’s not too cold or hot, both you and your plants can relax. Plus, perennials won’t die over winter. Instead, they’ll hibernate after fall. Doing your landscaping Kent in the fall makes it easier for your plants to replenish themselves and stay healthy over the winter. Additionally, your plants will be able to gather nutrients in the fall and store them up for major spring growth.  

Planting in the Fall Leads to Explosive Growth in the Spring

Fall is also a great time to implement those landscaping tips you read about because it gives your plants time to establish themselves so they can focus on growing in the spring. In other words, if you give them time to get comfortable in the fall, they can devote all their resources to growing in the spring. Meanwhile, planting in the spring means that your plants will have to spend more energy focusing on surviving and establishing themselves in harsher conditions. 

Armed with this information, you should consider tending to your landscaping chores in the fall. This can reduce the stress for you and your plants. That means you can focus on other things, and your plants can focus on growing. So take these tips and get started on making your home more appealing. 

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