Windows may be the last thing you think about when redoing or updating a home, but they should really be at the top of the list. Getting new windows and window treatments can make a big difference to the look and energy efficiency of your home.


Whether the glass itself has gotten cloudy or cracked, or you’re tired of the sun pouring through the single pane and heating up the room, it may be time to consider a full window replacement San Francisco. When you replace the glass, you can easily upgrade to storm glass to keep the howling winds at bay. Other options include tinted or frosted glass for privacy and double-paned windows to keep your heating and cooling costs down.


Your window frames may be in fine shape once they’ve been scraped, primed and repainted. On the other hand, an entirely new frame can add value to your home by updating a tired look, correcting insulation issues or adding safety features. When choosing the right frame, consider vinyl for low maintenance or wood for its natural beauty. Fiberglass frames are extremely hardy and can be painted to fit the house. In addition to material, invest in windows that provide extra security beyond the standard latch such ones using window pins or hinged wedge locks.


Since your new windows will look magnificent, you may be tempted to keep them uncovered. In the end, you’ll probably want to install some sort of window treatment for privacy, however. Natural fiber woven shades that let varying degrees of light in are gaining popularity as are top down / bottom up cellular shades that can be adjusted numerous ways for privacy or light.

Putting new windows in your home has a high rate of return for the cost, making them a good investment for now and for later. Pair your new windows with the perfect window covering, and your whole room will be transformed.

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