Mold that grows inside is a nuisance that often goes unnoticed until it is too late. While most types of mold are not toxic, some can cause unpleasant side effects like itchy eyes, a stuffy nose and wheezing. A few types of mold can even be toxic or fatal, one being the Stachybotrys mold that led to illness among infants in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1990s. Here are three causes of mold in the home. 

1. Moisture

Mold thrives in the correct combination of moisture on a surface and humidity in the air. A common location for mold to start growing in a house is under a kitchen or bathroom sink that has a minor leak in the plumbing. While the small leak goes unnoticed, the mold has a chance to multiply to the point where you might need to consult a certified mold remediator Pompton Lakes NJ to fix the situation. 

2. Sources of Food

In nature, mold grows on the moist underside of logs and tree trunks. In the home, mold feeds off of wood, damp cardboard and newspapers, insulation, piles of clothing and dirt on the carpet. Mold can even feed off of particles in the air such as pollen and dust. Because you cannot prevent the occurrence of all particles in the air or on surfaces, your best bet is to keep surfaces as clean and dry as possible to prevent mold growth. 

3. Lack of Sunlight

In addition to preventing moisture from accumulating, direct sunlight is beneficial in preventing the growth of mold because it kills mold by destroying its cellular structure. While not all rooms in a house have access to an abundance of sunlight, use this tool where you can to help prevent mold. 

When you identify these three causes of mold in the home you can begin to take steps to prevent mold growth. 

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