Tips for Choosing Your Architect

Because every architecture firm is different, with different budgets, structures, design preferences and limitations, your choice of architect could make or break your project. Therefore, consider carefully selecting the architect with the planning services you need for your specific project.


Search for buildings or homes you like. Then, find out who designed them. In addition, look at the building specifics, such as HVAC, facade, flow and any challenges the building owners have experienced. Identify which firms regularly design the type of project you want constructed.  


In addition to reading online reviews, consider speaking with your prospective architect’s previous clients. You may also ask for references or referrals from others in the industry, including your contractor. Learn about the firm’s communication style and preferences and whether the architects were easy to work with.


Interview the leadership team and the architects that will work on your specific process. Don’t be afraid to ask any question. You want to be sure you will work well together and that the team understands your exact needs.

During the interview process, be sure to ask for a tour of the office. Get a feeling for the working environment and how the work is distributed. Also, look for creativity and expertise in the designs on display.

In addition, learn about the projects the firm is currently working on and any future work that may affect your timeline. Be sure the firm has the time necessary to complete your project. You may also ask for additional references you can contact. At the end of the interview, you may ask for a sample of the firms’ work based on a design challenge you present.

You will spend significant time with your architect throughout your project. Therefore, spend time choosing an architect you can work well with and one who has the creativity and skill to design your building right and save you time and money throughout the project.

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