Reduce the Yuck Factor In Your Home

You probably go out of your way to stay well by wiping down gym equipment and avoiding shaking hands with coughing co-workers. But the biggest threats to your health may be in your own house. Where you live is home to millions of germs—mold, yeast and bacteria.


The kitchen is the germiest room in the house and kitchen sponge or dishcloth is the dirtiest culprit. Sponges can be microwaved for at least 30 seconds twice a week to kill bacteria; dishcloths should be sanitized in the dishwasher. But don’t put them back in the sink yet—it is the second dirtiest place in the house, Disinfected it with a bleach solution and rinse thoroughly. Next treat the coffee maker with white vinegar; follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then rinse out with twice as much water as they advise for best results.


You may think the germiest place in your bathroom is the toilet, but that is not the case. The countertop toothbrush holder is worse, so put it in a sanitizing cycle in your dishwasher regularly. Better yet, store toothbrushes inside a drawer or medicine cabinet and replace them at least every three months. One way to reduce mold and mildew is to replace the shower curtain and buy shower doors montgomery county md. Surfaces that are moist and warm tend to harbor germs whereas smooth surfaces that get chilled do not. A glass door is impervious to mold and can be thoroughly disinfected as often as necessary.

Living Room

Anything that gets touched often can harbor germs; examples include door handles, light switches and remote controls. Disinfecting wipes should be used every day to wipe down hard surfaces all over the living room. Odors and mildew love soft surfaces like rugs and upholstery. Frequent vacuuming is your best bet here, coupled with professional cleaning as necessary. If you have an indoor pet pay special attention to their items. Soft toys and bed covers should be machine-washed or sanitized regularly. Hard toys, food dishes and water bowls can be washed daily with hot soapy water.

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