3 Best Upgrades for Creating a Kid-Friendly Backyard

Wondering how you can inspire your kids to head outdoors for some healthy activities? With all the electronic entertainment options available for kids, it can be difficult to get them to explore the great outdoors. Here are three exciting upgrades for kid-friendly backyards.

1. Create a Play Area

A kid-friendly yard isn’t complete without an open space for fun and games. Contact the experts in debris removal Auburn to clear a dedicated area of your backyard for your family’s outdoor play area. Once you’ve cleared the space, focus on creating a soft surface for outdoor activity. Sow grass seed or plant sod if you want a lush, green yard or spread a layer of soft mulch if you don’t want the maintenance that’s required for healthy grass.

2. Build an Obstacle Course

A backyard obstacle course will provide an exciting challenge for kids of all ages. Follow a simple do-it-yourself obstacle course plan that includes basic obstacles such as a balance beam, tire run and maybe even a climbing wall. Adjust the difficulty to suit the needs of your family but be sure to cover the area with soft fill like tire pieces or play sand to cushion any falls.

3. Add Water

Inspire your kids to get active outdoors by adding the magic of water to the design of your backyard. How can you do this? Install a swimming pool, of course! These days, both in-ground and above-ground pools are more affordable than ever, and they can both be upgraded with features like a diving board and pool basketball hoop. Put safety first and give the pool an appropriate enclosure such as a fence or automatic pool cover.

Active kids are healthy kids. Follow these tips and you’ll create a family-friendly yard that will become your kids’ favorite place to play.

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