The Right Way To Clean Your Windows

Cleaning your own windows is so easy that you don’t need to hire an OSHA-compliant company to do the job. Actually, you don’t even need to buy commercial cleaners. In fact, one easy way to clean your windows is to use a mixture of white vinegar and water. Here’s the right way to use this mixture to get the job done. 

Start on the Inside

Basically, window cleaning Grapevine TX starts when you fill a bucket with water and a drop of dish soap to tackle the inside of your glass. Once you have that, you need to set up some towels as a drip catch on the sill. Then, take a sponge and start scrubbing with the soap solution from top to bottom. After scrubbing, spray the glass with the vinegar solution. Next, use a towel to dry the glass. If it is still dirty or there are streaks, spray and dry again. 

Don’t Forget the Outside

Your outside windows are probably going to have a lot more dirt on them. So, you will need to take a microfiber mop and go over them with some soap. First, rinse off any remaining suds with a hose. Then, spray your mop with the vinegar solution and rub it on the glass. Once it is coated, use a squeegee to remove the excess liquid and dry the glass. If any stubborn stains or debris remain, you should spray them directly with the vinegar solution and let them sit for several minutes before drying with the squeegee. Finish by washing the screens with soap, rinsing, spraying with vinegar, and letting them dry in the sun before reinstalling them. 

While most people think window cleaning is a pain, it is actually surprisingly easy. Follow these simple steps to have shiny and clear windows. 

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