Commercial Refrigeration for Your Home

When people think of commercial refrigeration, they think of large walk-in coolers in restaurants or the dairy case in the supermarket. Those definitely are examples but there are other types of equipment that can be useful for a home kitchen. If you are planning a kitchen remodel or adding an outdoor cooking space, commercial refrigeration minneapolis mn might be something to consider.

Bar Cooler

Bars use dedicated coolers just for cans and bottles of beer and soda, and if you have a large demand for cold drinks at your house, you might want to consider getting one of these compact fridges. There are countertop models that don’t take up much space but free up lots of room in the fridge. It is convenient for the kids to come home from school and grab their own drinks without standing staring into an open fridge searching the shelves. And when they bring friends home, it’s even easier.

Wine Cooler

If you are lucky enough to have a cool, dark basement to store wine, that’s great, but for most people, if they have a basement, it’s been built out into a family room or a work out space. Restaurants use professional wine coolers to keep bottles at the perfect temperature, and you can buy a smaller model for home use as well.

Prep Table

Outdoor living spaces, especially kitchens, are very popular right now, and if you are thinking about adding one to your back yard, consider getting a prep table. These stainless steel tables are durable and convenient and have built-in refrigeration under the work surface. Just be sure to weatherproof the back of the unit where the motor is located.

Keg Cooler

The ultimate addition to an outdoor living space or a man cave is a keg cooler. This is perfect for serving a cold one to friends who come over to watch the game.

Commercial refrigeration is not only for big businesses but can be useful in your home as well. Consider adding a specialized cooler for more pleasurable entertaining.

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