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Pets are fun and energetic additions to any home, bringing entertainment and trauma in equal measure – they do certainly keep things interesting.

However as a cat owner I empathise with the fact that, now matter how much training you give your pets, your home is never safe from moments of wanten feline destruction.

From trailing in dirt to furious claws pets are a hazard that need to be contained to make sure your home is a pleasant environment for both you and your guests.

Unfortunately the most vulnerable area for cat owners (aside from couches) is a wood floor.

After all when kitty decides to accelerate across your floor for reasons known only to them, this usually comes with their claws being very much out.

So what can you do as a pet and a proud homeowner to live in harmony with your feline companion?

The first thing you can do is make sure that you are designing your home around your current environment.

After all acquiring exotic, expensive and ultimately fragile flooring can only spell trouble, as claws will leave scratches which could have irreversible repercussions.

So the best thing to do would be to use durable flooring.

However what if you have your heart set on wood flooring, the biggest flight risk for homes with pets.

Thankfully there is  durable and pet friendly alternative Рlaminate flooring.

This alternative to traditional hardwood flooring is designed to meet the demands and traffic of the modern family home, therefore a rebellious cat should be no problem.

This is thanks to an intricately engineered design, built with durability at its core.

This design consists of a stabalising layer underneath a durable high density layer in the center. Each design then features a wood print with a hard wearing transparent layer finishing off each section.

All of this comes together to create a hard wearing floor which can easily cope with pets such as dogs, cats and rebellious hamsters!

So with your floor protected from scratches and scuffs the only thing to worry about is keeping it in tip top condition.

This relates more to dog owners, as muddy paw prints and other pet related messes (yes including that one) can lower the tone of your room.

Not only this but mud can rub into your floor which is a flight risk to both carpets and wooden flooring.

The best option for any pet owner is to make sure that your floor is easy to clean and maintain quickly, with the minimum effort required.

This is one of the key advantages to oak laminate flooring, as not only is it incredibly durable and scratch resistant; but also easy to clean.

Muddy or wet paw prints can quickly be removed with a quick mop removing any marks and stains quickly to ensure your floors showroom fresh quality is maintained.

Along with this laminate is also available in a wide range of waterproof configurations, for further pet protection.

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