3 Key Ways To Enhance Your Home’s Landscaping This Summer

Could your home use a little extra curb appeal? Start by bringing your home’s landscaping up to a higher standard. Here are three things you should do if you’re trying to enhance the quality of your landscaping this summer.

1. Rejuvenate Your Lawn

A healthy, green lawn forms the bedrock of every stylish landscape design. Luckily, it’s not hard to turn a dry and patchy yard into a lush green carpet during the summer months. You’ll need to perform yearly aeration and cover the lawn with an eco-friendly fertilizer. More importantly, you’ll need to make sure your lawn is properly watered. Installing drip irrigation Colorado Springs will relieve a lot of the effort required for a great lawn, allowing you to enjoy yours instead of working on it.

2. Introduce Height to Your Garden

Want to instantly add some drama to your outdoor space? Try introducing the dimension of height to your garden. You can do this easily by purchasing a trellis or garden arch from your local nursery. Once you’ve installed your choice in a suitable spot, plant it up with climbing vines and flowering plants to add some verticality to your garden.

3. Plant a Floral Border

Dress up your property lines by planting a floral border. A dense border filled with colorful blooms and shrubbery frames your home with natural beauty, setting your property apart from those of your neighbors. Choose flowers that are able to survive a mixture of sunny and shady conditions if you have any trees on your property. Fill the area around the plantings with fresh mulch to preserve moisture and enhance the appearance of the flowerbeds.

Summer is a great time of year to increase your home’s curb appeal with improved landscaping. By following these tips, you’ll leave everyone impressed by your green thumb!

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