3 Ways to Save Time on Yard Maintenance

Many homeowners enjoy using their yard to relax at the end of a long day or entertain guests on special occasions. While a lush, green lawn and beautiful flower gardens look beautiful, they require a lot of maintenance. In order to save time, homeowners should ensure that their equipment is in good shape, plant native species and hire assistance as needed.

1. Maintain Equipment

Mowing the lawn takes time, but if the mower is in disrepair, the job can quickly escalate into a project that takes up the entire day. Keep equipment clean to prevent rust, monitor fluid levels and perform regular checks in the spring and fall to spot any issues early. Any water barrels should be checked for leaks and sprinkler repair Newport MN performed to prevent flooding or dry spots in the lawn.

2. Use Native Plants

Depending on the region, exotic plants from around the world may flourish in a garden. However, they often require extra care. Native plants can be just as beautiful and be beneficial to local wildlife. They are able to thrive in whatever conditions are presented and will usually come back year after year without the need to replant.

3. Hire Help

Sometimes, it is not possible to complete all of the necessary yard work tasks alone. Not everyone has the time or physical ability to haul heavy bags of mulch or dirt or push a lawnmower. Hiring help can be a great way to ensure the yard looks great while also saving time for more important tasks.

While some people enjoy performing yard maintenance tasks, others may prefer to spend their time working, socializing or enjoying a beloved hobby. Even those who enjoy many aspects of yard work may find that they do not like certain tasks. Finding ways to reduce the time spent on unpleasant activities can lead to a happier, more productive life.

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