Why You Need a Food Service Consultant

You are wanting to build or remodel a restaurant, an institutional kitchen in a school or hospital or prison on some other commercial food service facility, but you are not an expert on kitchen design, most efficient workflow, menu design, or commercial kitchen equipment in general. Which manufacturers make the most efficient, reliable, and highest quality equipment? What local codes are in place that governs what is important that you incorporated within your design? What are the health department requirements that you must adhere to in the area where your facility is located?

The answers to all these questions and many more are known by and understood by a local or regional commercial food service consultant. Starting with a basic floor plan, your food service consultant can start painting your kitchen canvas utilizing their knowledge, expertise, and cad services Concord CA.

Obviously, your equipment selection, especially your cooking equipment, must be tailored to your menu. If you are offering steamed seafood or rice, you are going to need a steamer. What type of steamer do you need? There are pressure steamers, and there are boilerless steamers. The type selected depends on what kind of production that you are going to need. If you don’t need a high degree of production capacity, it will be easier and less expensive to maintain a boilerless steamer.

What percentage of refrigerated storage versus freezer storage are you going to need. How many cubic feet of each temperature storage are you going to need? Both depend on your menu and how often you are going to get deliveries of food. You will need both convenient points of need storage and bulk storage in the back of the kitchen. Your bulk storage, also called walk-in storage, should be conveniently located near your kitchen door where you are receiving your deliveries and within sight of your kitchen manager’s office to cut down on employee theft.

These are just a few examples of why you need the expertise and knowledge of a foodservice consultant. This leaves you to concentrate on the operation and management of your kitchen facility where you are the expert.

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