Mexican architecture and decoration embody two different cultures: on one hand the culture and traditions of Latin America and, on the other, the inevitable influences of many years of Spanish colonialism.

In order to create an authentic Mexican style, you will have to think of the rustic decoration at first. You need to choose furniture made of natural materials such as leather, canes and more. A ceramic tiles pattern in blue, red, yellow or white shades, will complete the Mexican theme.

In the interior decoration of a Mexican house, accessories and mostly decorative objects play an important role. Consider, for example, candles, metal frames and hanging carpets on the wall. Do not be afraid of the little clutter, the traditional Mexican homes are warm, colorful and comfortable.

In Mexico, popular materials include wrought iron, wood and ceramics that help in the development of rustic style if combined with colors such as beige and coffee. Cushions and throws that decorate sofas will be sophisticated designs in bold colors such as orange, blue or red.

Mexico has a long tradition in the textile industry and so reputed are Mexican carpets, wall mats, blankets, fabrics, etc. The fabric decoration includes colorful stripes, geometric shapes, and stylized styles. Do not be afraid to add a colorful carpet in your living room if you want to achieve this amazing style.

The ethnic style in architecture and decoration can always be applied with a contemporary look, without being a mockery and mimetic. It is enough for the scholar to be able to distinguish the essentials of every style.

Traditional Mexican homes all along with placing carpets; they also use wooden flooring or parquet either ceramic or clay. Prefer light-colored tiles or wooden panels in dark brown, black or off-white, but avoid the total one.

The color palette of the Mexican design is rich and varied, including colors like yellow, brown, deep pink and beige shades.Despite the variety of colors, there are separate methods for placing the furniture and decorating the space. For example, start decorating using straight lines and partitions. Try the painting on the two halves of a wall (horizontal split) in two distinct but complementary colors.

Decorating in traditional Mexican homes is what we call an “optimistic” decoration, far from classicism, reinforced by traditional objects of Mexican culture and undoubtedly emerging in a welcoming style full of warmth and warmth.


The furnishings of the house in Mexican style are very typical and include heavy, rustic style Spanish furniture, made of dark wood. The dining room is spacious and is centrally located in the residence. The gathering of a typical Mexican family at night, for having dinner is really important. If you want to get into the habits of the Mexicans, you should really pay a lot of attention to the dining table you are going to buy. It needs to be a big table accompanied by comfortable chairs.

It’s all about the style

The Mexican decoration is characterized by the wealth of motifs, bright colors and a great deal of detail. For example, handmade ceramic tiles are painted with intense colors and elaborate herbal jewels and you can find all those items online really easy.

Decorative items

The typical objects of the Mexican style are the pottery products derived from folk tradition of indigenous people. They are usually used as home cooking utensils. Impressive are also the colorful Mexican dinner sets, including large, colorful platters.

Generally, utility and decorative objects are made of wood, clay and leather. A particularly well-known object is the circular, metallic luminaire hanging from the roof, and where small candles are placed on it.

Just be creative and decorate your house only guided by your love for this amazing and colorful country.

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