Kitchen Ideas From Design Experts

Kitchens are at the core of home life and one of the primary gathering places. Make yours more functional and beautiful by following these expert kitchen design ideas.

Designers report more clients are demanding rich, warm tones in cabinetry and other surfaces in their homes, like this deep shade of blue used by Twelve 15 Design Studio for creating an island getaway.


Backsplashes can be an effective way to express your personal style. Not only can they shield walls from food splatters and spills, they can also add color or texture to an otherwise bland room. Backsplashes come in all materials and colors to meet every kitchen design style from bold statement pieces to subtler accents.

Homeowners continue to opt for classic subway tile backsplashes, yet are also exploring other patterns and orientations such as hexagonal tiles or herringbone patterns that add interest to neutral kitchens. Nicola McLaughlin used handmade terra-cotta tiles in North Carolina home to craft an angled pattern on her kitchen backsplash using handmade tiles from this type of material.

Consider that adding a backsplash can be both cost- and labor-effective when renovating your kitchen, so carefully weigh how much time and maintenance time you can commit to maintaining it before selecting material and tile pattern choices. Also be sure to tape samples up against walls so you can view how they appear under natural lighting throughout the day.


Cabinets are essential storage units in the kitchen, housing everything from spices and containers to utensils, cooking equipment and cleaning products. Cabinetry should always be considered when planning any kitchen renovation or new build project – be it existing cabinets being refaced, custom sets designed or new builds installed altogether.

Kitchen cabinets come in an assortment of colors, materials and finishes – from white contemporary classic styles, wood stains, two-tone cabinetry and louvered door fronts (similar to beadboard but featuring horizontal wood slats) and open shelving which is great for displaying decorative dishes – to name but a few. When shopping for new cabinets for your kitchen you have many choices from which to select based on personal taste, style preferences or budget considerations. Popular choices are white contemporary classic styles, wood stains and two-tone cabinetry. For extra pizzazz check out louvered door fronts (similar to beadboard but featuring horizontal wood slats) or open shelving which offers perfect display spaces.

Effective storage cabinetry includes extra tall cupboards, appliance garages, pull-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, tray dividers for cutlery, tray storage units for cutlery utensils and more. A good rule of thumb when installing storage is to install more than you think you need so as to leave room for future purchases. Designer Lindsey Coral Harper kept our 2017 Idea House kitchen light and breezy reflecting its coastal locale with pale blue cabinets painted Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No 27 painted pale blue cabinets painted Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No 27 as well as woven rattan pendant lights woven rattan pendants woven by designer Lindsey Coral Harper painted in Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No 27 from Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No 27 paint along with light blue woven pendant lights by Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No 27 being painted onto Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray No 27 painted in Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No. 27 painted pale blue cabinets painted Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No.27 and featuring pale blue Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No.27 painted in Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No. 27 from Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No. 27 paint for our 2017 Idea House along with rattan pendant lights from Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No. 27 from Farrow & Ball painted Parma Gray painted Farrow & Ball Parma Gray No. 27 for future purchases!


Countertop space is essential to a kitchen. Without it, dishes would likely end up on the sink or stove and meals prepared on the table in an inefficient and disorganized fashion. Luckily, there are numerous countertop choices available today – granite is especially well-recognized due to its durability, heat-resistance and range of colors available.

Other countertop choices to consider for your kitchen design may include concrete, wood and even metal – materials which offer distinctive textures while complementing or clashing with each other’s design elements.

Calacatta Gold marble adds visual interest and vibrancy to a gray kitchen, or try mixing black and blue for a modern, sophisticated aesthetic. Beyond adding color, smart storage solutions such as installing a trough sink reduce the burden of carrying heavy pots of water across the room – perfect if cooking is one of your passions!


Lighting is one of the most essential aspects to consider when designing your kitchen, as it provides functionality, sets the atmosphere, and can elevate the design overall. Furthermore, proper illumination helps ensure safety and makes navigating your space simpler.

When selecting light fixtures for your kitchen, it is essential to keep size and style in mind. Larger fixtures tend to look best and create the focal point in any given space; additionally, energy-saving LED bulbs may help decrease energy consumption by up to 70 percent.

Layering lighting can also help improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. For instance, using accent lighting to highlight architectural features or stunning backsplashes can add drama. Recessed or track lighting are ideal ways of accomplishing this effect; or try subtler options like spotlighting china cabinets and glass cabinets using accent lighting – or experiment with color for even greater effects in your space!

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