Choosing Furniture For Bedroom

Furniture that expresses your personality in your bedroom can help show it. From classic and simple styles to more luxurious options, there is something perfect out there for every taste and preference.

Choose a bed frame crafted of solid hardwood. It will last longer and resist splintering more effectively than its softwood alternatives.


Beds are designed for sleep or restful rest and typically consist of a soft mattress on a base. Beds may feature features like headboards for leaning against and side rails and footboards; additionally they may incorporate dust ruffles, bed skirts or valance sheets to hide their frames. People use pillows under their heads to provide support and comfort – this collectively known as bedding.

Bed frames raise mattress foundations off of the floor to reduce exposure to dust mites and insects that can infest mattresses, making restful sleep less likely. Plus they add flair and style to a room!


Dressers are versatile bedroom staples that provide storage for clothing, lingerie and other sundries. As opposed to chests of drawers, dressers take up more vertical space while being usually wider in comparison. When shopping for one that will suit your home best, look at its material, finish, drawer features and hardware as well as its accents for the best choice.

Although modern bedroom wardrobe designs often incorporate ample built-in storage options, standalone dressers and chests of drawers remain relevant in traditional homes. If you want plenty of bedroom storage options, purchasing matching dresser and chest sets will create a cohesive theme in your room.

While many people use dressers in their bedrooms, you could also add one in your front hallway or foyer as an outerwear and mail storage option. They could even double up as media cabinets for your living room!


Wardrobes or armoires are furniture pieces similar to closets that open up and reveal storage space, yet can be moved around like regular closets are.

Wardrobes make an elegant addition to any bedroom and can store clothing, shoes and other accessories for easy access. Many feature mirrors in their interior doors so getting dressed doesn’t require leaving your bed!

As part of your room design or as an accent piece, wardrobes can add style and functionality to any space. PAX fitted bedrooms offers stylish wardrobes designed to organize clothing, shoes and other items while adding storage solutions in small spaces with limited closet space.

Storage Bench

Bedroom storage benches are versatile pieces that can serve various functions within the bedroom. Most often you will find these benches placed at the foot of the bed for extra seating and as an organized place for out-of-season clothing and shoes.

Use a storage bench to organize bulky blankets and seasonal decorative pillows without crowding your linen closet.

No matter the style you prefer – from sleek rail benches to upholstered models with backs – there are various bench options available. When considering which bench would best complement your entryway, opt for something made from hardwood that can withstand daily wear and tear or choose one with a flip top to maximize storage space.


Mirrors can help to brighten a room and reflect natural light, creating an additional source of illumination in a bedroom space. Furthermore, this piece can serve as an attractive focal point.

Consider selecting a decorative mirror with an ornate frame or eye-catching design to add visual interest in any room. Or consider trying out panelled mirrors that mimic window panes for an illusionary effect.

Hanging an attractive mirror over a dresser, wardrobe or vanity table works wonderfully. However, according to Feng Shui principles, any dressing table mirror facing directly towards the bed could cause restless nights.

Hanging a mirror opposite your bedroom’s window can help make it appear larger and brighter, and help ensure you have enough light before jumping onto a video conference call! Plus, this way you can check yourself before hitting “go!” on an important video call!

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