Cycling Through Reasons for Choosing a Gas Dryer

If you need to replace your dryer and live in an older home, you will likely purchase based on your appliance’s existing energy supply source. However, if designing a new home or remodeling an existing one, however, you may consider opting for a gas dryer over an electric in most instances since this form offers several long-term advantages. Here are the reasons that can turn up the heat on the decision to choose a gas dryer for your next installation.

Long-Term Cost Benefits

Upfront costs for gas dryers are usually higher; extra hookup plumbing is required and you may need gas line repair Denver to install new gas lines. However, gas dryers save money in the long run. They use half the electricity of electric dryers, and gas energy costs are typically lower overall. Additionally, gas dryers heat immediately and dry more quickly than electric ones so you can decrease the time needed to dry each load.

Source Reliability

During the hot summer months, many parts of the country experience brownout regulations that limit the amount of electricity homeowners should consume during certain times of the day. Because your gas dryer would use minimal electricity, you are more likely to be able to operate it during these times than you would an electric one.

Clothing Care

Continually doing laundry is hard on fabrics, in particular when they spend time in the dryer. The heat and bouncing they endure during each cycle stresses the fibers Remember that reduced drying time factor? Because in a gas unit your clothes will spend less time tumbling in a hot drum, they will suffer reduced wear and tear, extending the life of all your clothes.

In some instances, when deciding between a gas or electric dryer, the choice is clear cut. If you do not have a gas supply for any other appliances in an old, existing home, the cost to install lines may be impractical. Otherwise, choosing a gas dryer can lead to significant savings in both energy use and clothing purchases over time.

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