Reasons to Rekey Versus Replace Locks

Accredited locksmiths offer a wide variety of services for your home and business. Keeping your doors secure is crucial for personal safety. It is important to know when it is better to have locks changed compared to when to get locks rekeyed.

When to Rekey Your Lock

Hiring a locksmith for lock rekeying service Orlando will improve the security of your current door locks. This lets you keep the same hardware in your door, but change the key that will unlock it.

There are several reasons to call a locksmith to have your doors rekeyed. It is a good solution if you lose a key and want to make sure no one can use it to access your home. Another reason is when hired services such as housekeepers, childcare, or pet sitters may have copies of your keys and you no longer use them. It is also smart security to rekey when you move into a new home and want to ensure that no one else has a key to your door. Rekeying is also the cheaper option to update the safety of doors.

When to Change Your Lock

There are times when it is better to have a locksmith change the locks. This will mean that a certified lock technician will remove the old locking hardware and install new locks.

If you have a standard deadbolt but want to update to a smart door lock system, then the entire lock mechanism must be swapped out. You may want to replace an old, low-quality, or rusty lock fixture. Even though changing a lock is usually more expensive, for some models, it is cheaper to swap the lock.

It is best to speak directly with a professional locksmith to determine which of their key services you need. Knowing some of the above scenarios will help you understand what to ask a qualified, local locksmith.

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