Furniture carpenters craft and restore pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, dressers and other household furnishings. Some work for manufacturers or wholesalers while others operate their own independent businesses.

Furniture carpenters must be able to design, construct and repair furniture that meets the specifications of their clients. Furthermore, they need to know how to sand, polish and finish produced pieces in accordance with industry standards.


Furniture carpenters craft custom pieces of furniture out of wood. They plan the layout of a space and craft the furnishings according to client instructions.

Carpenters require a range of skills to complete their jobs, such as math and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, they must measure and cut materials precisely.

They must be able to use power tools safely and correctly. Furthermore, they may need to climb or stand for extended periods of time.

Furniture carpenters must be highly-skilled at cutting and installing wood. Their ability to read blueprints and measurements accurately allows them to complete projects on schedule with budget intact.


Furniture carpenters are skilled craftsmen who use their hands and skills to craft unique pieces of furniture. They measure, cut and install materials such as wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass and engineered lumber with precision.

Carpenters who work for themselves or for construction companies must possess the business acumen necessary to succeed. Carpenters who choose this route should possess a good business sense and understand how to effectively market their products.

Carpenters require strong manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination and physical strength to lift heavy tools and materials. Furthermore, they should possess basic math abilities in order to calculate material quantities accurately.

Carpenters can obtain training in carpentry from trade schools and community colleges or through apprenticeship programs that last 3-4 years. Employers usually favor those students who have undergone classroom instruction as well as acquired valuable work experience.


Furniture carpenters craft unique wood pieces to add aesthetic value and beauty to homes or businesses. Their duties involve adhering to blueprints, constructing structures, and guaranteeing their quality.

Carpenters also carry out repairs and ensure buildings and frames comply with safety protocols and construction regulations. Carpenters can work on residential or commercial projects, earning an average salary based on their experience and location.

Carpenters typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. Many complete an apprenticeship program to develop the necessary skillset for work as a carpenter. Others receive specific training at technical colleges or earn certificates, associate degrees or diplomas in carpentry.


Carpenters utilize wood to construct houses, ships and other structures. Additionally, they design and craft furniture as well as fittings.

Most carpenters learn their trade through an apprenticeship program that typically lasts three or four years. During this period, they receive technical instruction as well as hands-on experience from experienced workers.

Once an apprentice has successfully completed their apprenticeship, they may become journeyman carpenters and work independently or alongside other carpenters in a shop setting or on construction sites.

They may continue to take training courses to hone their skills and increase their salary. Certifications in specific trade areas, such as high torque bolting or pump work, can add value to their resume, increasing the potential for advancement within the company.

Carpenters must possess physical strength to lift and carry heavy materials. Additionally, they require good manual dexterity to cut and measure materials precisely. Communication abilities are also necessary, as carpenters frequently interact with customers and explain complex technical matters in understandable language.

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