3 Questions You Have About Choosing Molding and Trim

Whether you are updating your current home or building a new one, moldings and trim are a pleasing way to decorate. The details of your molding are mainly personal preference, but there are a few broad ideas to keep in mind when selecting your finishing touches.

What Style Should You Get?

Whether you are looking for wood molding Chicago Heights IL or in your hometown, choose a style that will fit seamlessly into your home and life. The type of simple molding that would look gorgeous in a modern farmhouse would look outlandish in a historic Victorian home and vice versa. From flat boards to ornate pieces of art, you can choose whatever catches your eye. Keep your lifestyle in mind as well. Something with rounded edges may be preferable if you have young children or like easy cleaning.

Where Should You Put Molding and Trim?

You can use trim and molding all through your home. Most commonly, they are found around doors and windows as well as along floors and ceilings. Use molding to create smooth transitions, hide flaws, and give dimension. This decorative touch is great anywhere you want a custom feel.

Which Material Should You Choose?

The best material for you depends on a few factors. Consider your budget, the location, and the finishing you will use. If you really want your trim to be a focal point, hold up well, and be stained, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on quality hardwood like oak. If you plan to paint the trim, you can easily get away with a less expensive option like pine. The most affordable option is fiberboard which has no wood grain to it. It is best when painted or wrapped in vinyl.

You now have a better idea of what to look for when choosing molding and trim. Combine your personal taste with your lifestyle, home, and budget to get the perfect match.

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