Now that you’ve started working from home, you may wonder if it is right for you. There are some things you can do to make it easier for you and your family. Here are a few ideas.

Cut the Clutter

If you have stuff piled all over your desk, you are going to have a harder time working because you are constantly spending time trying to find your pen or a certain paper you really need. Whether your space is small or large, keeping it tidy is critical to your success.

You can use a heavy file cabinet on shock absorbing casters that you can roll out of the way, a cubby with open shelves, a small bank of drawers or other types of containers. You just need to keep your stuff contained. It can also be helpful to keep your home clean, so you aren’t worried about the need to pick it up when you really need to be working.

Put Your Toys Away

Unless you use your smartphone constantly as part of your job, put it away. It’s too easy to hear the beeps or feel the vibrations if it is right next to you. Even if you resist the urge to pick it up and reply to every text message, it’s there in the back of your mind when you hear it and that can cause a distraction.

Make a List

Keeping a list of tasks that need to be done and marking it off as you do them is a great way to keep track of what you are doing and help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Make the tasks realistic and break them down into sub-tasks to help you get more done.

Getting organized can help you as you learn to work well in your home office. Staying neat, putting your phone out of sight and keeping a list may boost productivity.

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