Simple tips for Zen decoration full of style

Surely you have heard this term either for describing peaceful places or people. What is Zen? It is a Japanese term referring to meditation. In the piece of decoration is used to describe balance, harmony and relaxation.

Although Zen is not a registered decorative term, it is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and clean lines. It is more a method of organizing the home and a way to create a specific atmosphere that reduces stress and relaxes you from the everyday life.

If the minimal Zen decoration is the style that suits you, then you should know that it is characterized by bright colors and completely neutral while the furniture will be a little and simple.

All terrestrial, natural colors but in soft tones – like white, gray, shades of beige or pink beige – have the power to create a sense of relaxation and tranquility! You want color harmony between the different elements. You can add few strokes of your favorite color. In addition, you can use a lot of wool or pure cotton wool rugs. Colors remain close to the color of the floor. Choose shades of khaki, gray, white. You need to improve the Zen decoration and enhance the cocooning feel of the room.

Choose natural fabrics such as linen, wool, and lace, silk to nicely match the rest of the room. One of the basic elements of Zen decoration is placing curtains that provide a sense of intimacy while reducing noise and air currents.

Do you need a carpet?

In order to be Zen, you need to feel closer to the earth. And what does that mean? Of course to walk barefoot! A carpet is the ideal choice. Choose a soft or monochrome in beige or gray. Also the wooden floor is ideal to ground you. You can feel your feet touching the floor and the peace will fill your soul.

Turn on the lights

For a completely relaxing space, place different light sources that will allow you to control the intensity and areas to be illuminated.You can add brushed cooper lamps in the living room that are going to make the space look warmer and calmer.

Straight lines

The furniture that obeys the Zen philosophy stands out for its clean lines and has no complicated designs, patterns and materials. This is another element that helps you relax. Avoid exaggeration in decoration and put in your space only the necessary. Zen way of thinking is as the motto says that less is more.

You want simple and natural furniture with simple and clean lines, avoiding complicated details and excess decoration. They will bring you a sense of warmth and relaxation. The storage bins – wardrobes, cabinets, drawers – you prefer to be painted in colors that match the rest of the room.

The only decoration style is always simple. Avoid placing lots of collections or frames with photos, keep only what is most beloved. Electronic devices are more often a source of distraction and are not incorporated in the Zen decoration. And what about where to place your TV set. If you need to have your television device in the bedroom, make sure you can put it in a cupboard and hide it when you do not use it.

Plants are always a smart choice

Add to your house decoration plants that have a sedative effect, with their relaxing green color and oxygen supply. Still, improve your space with natural fragrances and oils.

After you follow all the above steps, you are going to feel that you live in a warm house, full of energy, that is ready to let you get the stress out of your life.

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